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Obsession never felt so good.

Obsession never felt so good.

This short anthology contains two wicked stories of love, lust, and obsession.

In “Twisted Obsession,” Lisa gets the surprise of her life when a late night visitor violates her body oh so deliciously, while she lies sleeping. When the culprit turns out to be her step-dad Mark, they embark on a journey of unbelievable pleasure that is sure to leave you breathless.

In “Twin Obsession,” Cat has always had a thing for her sister’s fiance, Tim. But when Angie decides to sneak away to Vegas, Cat gets her chance to play.

Sex in Public Places

Sex in Public Places

Chelsea has always had a thing for Jared, but she knows that his time away at college has created a lot of competition for his affections. During their families’ summer vacation to the lake, she gets the chance to show him that there is no limit to what she would do to win his love. When Jared decides to have a little fun right under their parents’ noses, will it be too much for Chelsea? Or will she be a willing participant on this wild passionate ride?

Twisted Fairy Tales: Snow White Part 1

Twisted Fairy Tales: Snow White Part 1

In this twisted retelling of the fairytale classic, Snow White, innocent Princess Snow feels lonely, and held captive in the life fate has chosen for her. One moonlit night, Snow White’s life is forever changed. She is taken, and held captive by the mysterious Huntsman. He takes control of her body, and unwittingly, her heart. But an even greater plot drives this captive seduction, and an even greater threat looms in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to forever destroy Snow White.

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